February 15, 2019

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online training platform and community designed to teach people how to succeed in affiliate marketing. This is done primarily by writing reviews and using white hat SEO. Unlike many other online courses there are no "get rich quick" promises. However, if you follow the training you could see your life change. You could be able to quit your job, work from home, and make more money in the process.


Those who go through the training do get ranked and make money. However there isn't a large focus on paid traffic. 


You get a lot of value for the price you pay. You can start making money with having to do anymore more than buy a domain name.  


The videos, step by step training, and assignments help you to remain accountable for doing the work.


The support for your training is really good as there is always someone around. Additionally the technical support is available 24/7. 


No CPanel for wordpress Sites

Active community

No continuous upsells

Continuous platform upgrades

Free Keyword Research Tool

Duplicate Content Checker

Addition FREE Video training outside of your normal training


No Cpanel for wordpress sites

Content can be overwhelming

You're here, and you're probably wondering what Wealthy Affiliate is about. I'm going to get to that, I promise. 

However there are some things I would like to get to first. I would like for you to know there are affiliate links in this post. 

In addition to that I want to let you know what's not going to happen because you're probably expecting it to happen if you've seen anyone else do a "review"

I'm not going to promise you quick riches, and I'm not going to try to sell you on this program.

This is a review, not a sales page or sales pitch. That means I'm going to give you information, good and bad, and you can decide if Wealthy Affiliate is for you.

What is Wealthy Affiliate

As stated above Wealthy Affiliate, which is also known as WA by those within the community, is an online training platform for affiliate marketers.

The goal of the creators is to have a way to provide training, hosting and other tools so that the members don't have to go anywhere else. 

They constantly add features to make this possible. As an example there was a time when you would have to buy your domain names outside of WA, and then have them pointed at their servers. No now you can buy the domain from within the platform

Who Wealthy Affiliate Is For

Wealthy Affiliate is primarily designed for those who want to learn how to become a successful affiliate marketer. Some of the things you learn in WA can apply to other online marketing related activities. It's also for those who realize that being successful takes time. 

Wealth Affiliate, while it does have some teachings on PPC and Social Media based traffic is not for someone who is trying to run an agency based around those topics. It's also not for someone who needs to make money right now.  

As an example if your rent is due, and you're looking for a way to make fast money this is not something you should be looking into. If someone else tries to sell you into WA or any other program with the promise of immediate results, don't just walk, run away. You're being setup.

Growing an online business is not any easier just because it's online. You still need to understand your audience, so you can help them with their problems. Going into WA with this understanding, and you'll be much better off.

I can attest to this as it took me about 6 months to make get my first commission with Wealthy Affiliates. That seems to be about the average from others I have spoken to. Some people are able to make things happen more quickly. I’m telling you this for two reasons.

1. I want you to know that it’s possible. 
2. I want you to know that it won’t be happen overnight.

Wealthy Affiliate(WA) Training

What you see on the right are the paths to some of Wealthy Affiliate's training. 

The green bar that says "Certification" is the path for those who will be selling affiliate items, but won't be promoting Wealthy Affiliate. If someone wants to promote a health blog or a pet based blog or anything other than Wealthy Affiliate this is the training they should take. 

The black bar that say "Affiliate Bootcamp" is for those who will be promoting Wealthy Affiliate. 

The last bit of training is the live video classes. Every week a new video is shown live on Fridays. If you can't make it then you can still get to see it when it's uploaded to the platform. 

I'll give you a small peek as to what is in each type of training a little latter.

What about the live chat, and the upgrade to yearly?

Stick around, and I'll get to those later also. 

Wealthy Affiliate Training Menu

Let's take a sneak look inside the Certifications area which consist of 5 courses and 10 lessons per course.

Certification Program

What you're looking at is the inside of Course 1, Lesson 1. 

Below "Getting Rolling" you see "last update". That lets you know the last time a video was updated. You can even request updates. To the right under Kyle's photo you see the lesson's task. These are broken up into bite sized chunks to try to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. They also help to hold you accountable. 

You advance the training at you own pace which means that you won't be rushed. With that being said the more you do the faster you can see results. My suggestion is that you complete one task per day if you have time to do so. 

Now let's move on to the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Affiliate Bootcamp Overview

This is the side of the other primary training option, which looks similar to the Certification training. Instead of having courses the bootcamp has phases, but they are basically the same thing.

The lessons for both the Certifications and Bootcamp work the same way. They both have the above layout. The major difference is that some of the content has been changed for specifically promoting Wealthy Affiliate. 

Jay's Live Video Training

The two previous training methods are not the only ones you should also be aware of. Jay does live video's which take place on Fridays. 

Jay's Live Training

There are over 100 videos on various topics. As you can see the topics discussed are those that would be very important to someone who would want to build a profitable affiliate marketing business. During the hotseat videos Jay looks over your site, and tells you what's good, and what's not be so good. 

In addition to the topics you see above there are weekly brand new videos on topic such getting ranked in Google, and getting ranked in Youtube.

In addition there are some case studies so you can have an over the shoulder look at how to get a site ranked.

Member based training

training from members of Wealthy Affiliate

Another feature of the site is the ability of the community to make their own training, which can be done by text, video, or both. As you can see in the image above, people other than Kyle(one of the owners) has created training for the community. These trainings allow you to receive credits which can be used inside the platform, and you can get paid for certain activities also. 

Wealthy Affiliate Technology

By now you have an idea of what the platform features that allow you to focus more on running a business than things such as setting up websites and scouring the internet trying to find free stock photos. Yes you read that correctly they help you find stock photos that are free and legal to use. Below are some of the other tools at WA.

  • Site Manager allows you to log into your site from Wealth Affiliate, check to see if you site is indexed in Google, and control other settings, such as turning your spam blocker off. Not that I know why anyone would do that, but it is an option.
  • Site Domains allows for you to easily transfer domain purchased from registrar over to WA, and you can also purchase domains through Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Site Feedback allows you to get feedback from the other members at Wealthy Affiliate about your site. I like using it to see if I made any grammatical errors. 
  • Site Comments is useful if you want people to visit your site and leave comments regarding your content. 
  • Site Support is the 24/7 tech support that helps you when you run into technical problems. I've never had to wait more than 5 minutes to get a reply from them.

For those of you who are more advanced when it comes to the backend of websites not having access to Cpanel might discourage you, but you can always transfer your site to a traditional host.

In case you're wondering websites on WA do accept most plugins, and you can still do things such as forward the emails from your website to your Gmail account, just like you could with any other host.You can do that without having to contact support.

It's been my experience that you can do you can do almost anything with a site hosted on Wealthy Affiliate that you can with a normal host.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community

I also want to speak on one of Wealthy Affiliate's other treasures, the community. If you need help you can do a search. Most likely someone will have asked the question and gotten an answer.

If you're the first to ask the question you can post it, and within 24 hours you are likely to get an accurate response. If you need an answer immediately you can go into the live chat, which is pictured to the right. 

There is almost always someone there. Kyle, Carson, and Jay show up regularly. As you can see he is in the image below replying to me. Yeah that is me, Mrrandom. Vitaly G is one of the more successful and help members there.

Wealthy Affiliate Success

It's because of the training, because of the tools, and because of the community that there is success within Wealthy Affiliate. In case you are still wondering it really does work. Here are some people you are likely to meet if you decide to join. 

Wealthy Affiliate Proof

I don’t have any way of knowing what everyone’s motivation is, but I do know what some of the members of Wealthy Affiliate have been able to accomplish by keeping a different future as their goal.

  • They have been able to quit their day jobs.
  • They can travel and work from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • They make enough money to live comfortably.
  • They choose their own working hours, allowing them to spend more time with people they care about.

I want you to imagine what your future could be like if you dedicate yourself to creating a better life for yourself, and your family. 

Try It for Yourself

Like I said before this is a review, not a sale page or sales pitch. All that's really left is for me to explain the details of actually becoming a member. 

Are you ready? 

Well here it is.

First the site is free to join.

During the first 7 days you get premium level support, which is a great opportunity to test drive Wealthy Affiliate before committing anything financially. 

You don't even need to enter a debit or credit card number to join, so you won't have to worry about forgetting to cancel, and then getting a charged for joining. This also means you don’t have to worry about Wealthy Affiliate making you jump through hoops to cancel, and then blaming you, when the cancellation isn’t done in time. 

If you do join shortly after the first 7 days, then the first month gives you a 59% discount off of the normal monthly rate of $49, meaning you will only pay $19. There is also an annual rate of $359. If you decide to be an annual member at a later time then the money you already paid at the monthly rate is counted towards your annual purchase.


There you have it. You see why I'm a member, education that is easily digestible, technology that takes even more weight off my shoulders, and a community of successful and caring people. 

If I've left any questions unanswered or you just want to provide feedback feel free to leave a comment below.

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